Support new yearn vaults!

Yearn recently released new vaults and there exist several profitable vaults over there.

So I wanna suggest to add new pools below

  1. SNX (13.5% & 13M) / USDC
  2. LINK (9.58% & 19M ) / USDC
  3. AAVE (new & 634K) / USDC
  4. COMP (new & 80K) / USDC
  5. 3Crypto (22.4% & 27M) / USDC
  6. SUSHI (6.52% & 400K) / USDC

Emission weight should be proportional to yearn volume. How do Yapes think about this?


New pools, better yield, happier veYAPE. I support!


This has my full support


This has my vote! Full send! :100:

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One thought, though: could we integrate pools that include YAPE on the other side (say instead of USDC)? It would integrate our native token more and create further stickiness for the protocol me thinks.

YAPE pools do sound like they would increase the stickiness of the projcect, but I think it’s best if we launched these pools listed here first and launch another batch of YAPE pools later.

I think we would want to launch stables/YAPE pools before defi/YAPE pools due to the the combo of defi/yape being so volatile, which makes it a more difficult task to manage the farming ratio.

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Okay cool! we now have more than 5 likes!

Token A Token B Expected APR Prev % New %
YAPE WETH 0 10.15% 5.22%
USDC WETH 3.045 5.07% 3.55%
WETH USDT 3.855 5.07% 3.55%
DAI WETH 2.975 5.07% 3.55%
WBTC USDC 4.685 5.07% 3.55%
WBTC USDT 5.495 5.07% 3.55%
WBTC DAI 4.615 5.07% 3.55%
WBTC WETH 2.51 5.07% 3.55%
DAI USDC 5.15 5.07% 3.55%
USDC USDT 6.03 5.07% 3.55%
SNX USDC 8.335 3.55%
LINK WETH 3.755 3.55%
AAVE WETH 9.835 3.55%
SUSHI WETH 8.015 3.55%
1INCH WETH 2.93 3.55%
cYAPE 20.30% 20.89%
Treasury 10.14% 10.43%
Caller 0.01% 0.01%

Here’s a draft for the new emission plan.

I still think YAPE/WETH should hold more weight, it would be dropping from double emissions (which was just approved by the way) to far less than that. Albeit holds more weight than other pools, we still need strong incentive to stay as LPs in that particular pool. Yes, im biased, but even if I weren’t, I would still suggest the same thing.

It doesn’t have to be exactly doubled, but if it were my call, I’d shave an extra 0.15% off each of the other pools and apply it to YAPE/WETH.

0.15 x 14 = 2.1 + 5.22 = 7.32%

The other 14 pools have 3.4%
cYape/Treasury/Caller remain the same

How about this?

Token A Token B Expected APR Prev % New %
YAPE WETH 0 10.15% 8.06%
USDC WETH 3.045 5.07% 3.43%
WETH USDT 3.855 5.07% 3.43%
DAI WETH 2.975 5.07% 3.43%
WBTC USDC 4.685 5.07% 3.43%
WBTC USDT 5.495 5.07% 3.43%
WBTC DAI 4.615 5.07% 3.43%
WBTC WETH 2.51 5.07% 3.43%
DAI USDC 5.15 5.07% 3.43%
USDC USDT 6.03 5.07% 3.43%
SNX USDC 8.335 3.43%
LINK WETH 3.755 3.43%
AAVE WETH 9.835 3.43%
SUSHI WETH 8.015 3.43%
1INCH WETH 2.93 3.43%
cYAPE 20.30% 20.16%
Treasury 10.14% 10.07%
Caller 0.01% 0.01%

That works ser! Thanks!

Has this already been voted on? I think one of the original downfalls is that not nearly enough tokens went to yape/eth initially (even after it was voted to double). Most yield farms allocate 3-10x the amount of tokens to their liquidity pair than they do to other pairs or single token farms.

If it’s not too late, I think yape/eth should get significantly more.

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Yea the vote already passed - but I couldn’t agree more. It coincides with my efforts to re-structure pools (or emission weights) that heavily favor native token utilization. It the only way to truly drive YAPE value northward.

Honestly, I’d rather shut down all other pools besides the YAPE/WETH and cYAPE pools until we can implement single-sided pools… instead of encourage the farm & dump that the other pools have enabled. We can always work on getting that pool listed on SUSHI, Bancor, UNI while dev happens for SS pools.

That’s just my opinion though. But if a re-vote for weighted emissions goes back up, im in favor of heavier weight for YAPE/WETH, without a doubt.

Ok so you’re thinking we would shut down the yearn-ed pools, get some YAPE/ETH pools onto other AMM’s, then expedite development of the SS pools and reopen the protocol with yearn-ed single sided asset pools and a much higher incentive for YAPE, am I following?

And this would ideally include a sort of partnership with bancor sounds like

Yes ser - I do realize it’s extreme and probably not feasible since we already voted in the new pools, but I think it would preserve the value of YAPE long enough/buy us the time needed to develop the SS pools.

But again, I may be completely off the mark here…would love to hear everyone else’s thoughts on this, especially our core developers on what type of timeframe these pools would be inactive for, etc.

The Bancor partnership, in my opinion, would only exist for the purposes of being able to fork their code, provide credit where it’s due, and establish a YAPE/BNT pool on their protocol, in an effort to establish a long-lasting relationship with another Alpha DAO.

Let’s bump it so we get at least 5x emissions on the yape/weth pool