Proposal: Yapeswap Hiring Guidelines v0


  • Yapeswap has been successfully launched with 10 Founders who voluntarily joined.
  • The launch was very successful, but we are just taking our first step forward and we need more people who can fully contribute to the project as well as the irregular and intermittent contributions by the Founders.
  • Fortunately, many founders want to contribute as fully as possible to the project. In order to provide full-time opportunities to many people including the founders, we would like to present short-term full-time hiring guidelines within the currently available budget.


  • The current reserved DAI is about 130K. Considering the expenditure required for audit and others, it is expected that up to about 80k will be available as a hiring budget.
  • Since it is practically difficult to make long-term contracts with limited budget, the initial contract will be a short-term contract of 3 months.
  • The salary grid of Yapeswap is based on the salary grid of Sushiswap, and actual salaries are will be discounted from the grid.
  • Signing bonus will not be paid for now. It will be paid whenever we have enough budget.
  • For those who currently contribute a lot as the core team, but cannot be paid, sign an employment contract with 100% discount rate. In this case, he/she can get 2x signing bonus as an extra reward in the future.
  • However, all of the discounted salaries will be gradually reimbursed if we get additional budget and the contract will be ultimately converted into contracts without discount.
  • When and how much the discounted salary to be reimbursed will be determined later by agreement from the core team and community, and the timing and amount of the reimbursement may vary depending on actual performance.

Salary grid from Sushi (excluding signing bonus)

Senior Dev : 180K - 250K USD

Junior Dev : 80K - 150K USD

Senior Ops/Business Dev : 120K - 150K USD

Junior Ops/Business Dev: 85K USD

Senior Designer/Comms : 120K USD

Junior Designer/Comms : 80K USD

Community Manager: 80K USD

Actual Salary Grid w/ Minimum Discount Rate (excluding signing bonus)

Senior Dev : 40% / 108K - 150K USD

Junior Dev : 30% / 56K - 105K USD

Senior Ops/Business Dev : 40% / 72K - 90K USD

Junior Ops/Business Dev: 20% / 68K USD

Senior Designer/Comms : 40% / 72K USD

Junior Designer/Comms : 20% / 64K USD

Community Manager: 20% / 64K USD


After reading couple items stand out immediately.

Payment for services rendered is a must no doubt. You mention the expenditures required, the audit and others. Will you elaborate. I’ve read audits are stupid pricey, anyone know someone that will throw us a family startup discount?

The outlined roles: Can we order these positions that need to be filled from Urgent to would be nice to have?

Audit costs are expected to be around 60k, but we’re considering to cut the cost to around 40k so that we can put more budget on hiring. Other costs can include expenditures of payments for services(as you said), funding to community contribution, and etc.

Actually, all positions are urgent and important lol, but personally I’m considering to hire 1 Dev, 1 Ops/BD, 1 Comms/CM or Designer for now.

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Good pay structure, I support.