Proposal: Funding for Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is an effective strategy towards generating more awareness and user activity. I propose we allocate an initial amount of $1,000 of $YAPE for paying influencers for posting content relating to Yapeswap. I would like to pay influencers specifically in $YAPE so they have continued incentive to promote the project, as they are directly impacted by $YAPE price movements.

Influencers should have notable engagement and activity on their content from DeFi users, not just a large following. Payment rates will vary depending on the influencer’s reach.


I have mixed feelings about issuing payment in YAPE as opposed to cYAPE, as paying contributors is the specific purpose of cYAPE and we are in some way abandoning our own protocol token model by paying in YAPE.

Still open to paying in YAPE, but as far as providing incentives for continued promotion I would say paying in cYAPE is much better as the influencer can lock it.

I also think the influencers could help in getting the word out about cYAPE as well as YAPE- and it would be reaaaaally great to get people aping into cYAPE as that gives us money to continue funding marketing and growth.