Partner with Fraktal to support ERC-1155 liquidity pools has offered to partner with Yapeswap to help create fractionalized NFT liquidity pools.

In order to do this we would need to update/migrate our liquidity pool contracts to support ERC-1155 tokens, then allow for permissionless pool creation where NFT holders can start new pools. These pools could consist of single NFTs, and there would inevitably be pools funded by the Fraktal DAO.

As pools are created permissionlessly, the pairing would be up to the pool creator. Both the Yapeswap DAO and the Fraktal DAO would then have the option to vote within their respective DAO’s to reward these pools with YAPE or FRAK rewards.

Fraktal has explicitly stated that they are willing to help source labor for this project.

Of course, these pools will not be ‘yearn-ed’, but they will be something special and different and drive TVL and usership to our protocol. Fraktal has said that it is in their roadmap to offer this liquidity feature themselves at some point, but it is simply more desirable to partner with an existing AMM to ship it sooner.


I am definitely in favor of this partnership, and I think will pay off big for both projects!

My only concern is the coding aspects, which I honestly don’t know much about, and how difficult it would be to upgrade our contracts to support this (as well as potentially the single-sided pool proposal).

Other than, consider this Yape 100% in favor!

Partnering with other growing DAOs will be great for us from an exposure perspective. Can we estimate the effort required to prove this out prior to agreeing to do this?

I can support this 100% if understand how many devs or other resources Fraktal can commit.

Yes, understanding the resources required and the overall scope/objectives of this endeavor is something we should do.

With that being said, to get the project rolling all that is needed on our end is converting our contracts to support ERC-1155, which is simple according to both Fraktal and 0xMayflower.

The next step is to test the pools and Fraktal has said they are already ready to do so and will handle that on their end. I’m sure there will be some coordination/effort to be put forth on our end and after that its just a matter of launching the pools.

Beyond that, I’m not sure what else will be needed.

So at the moment we are taking this step by step and trusting that Fraktal can help with more involved development if needed, but yes we should discuss and quantify the dev labor needed and who will provide that labor.

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Thanks for the clarification @Torgmeister ! I support this proposal.


Support it 100%, think working with Fraktal would give us an interesting perspective.


Very much supported. Sounds like this will be another great feature to advertise along with the cYape and veYape

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for whats its worth. by partnering with Fraktal, they have the desire so an existing new amm to basically test their pools. why stop at just BAYC. im in the WoW discord and theyre talked about driving value for there project and pools is one of them. could this be something where we take on more than just our brand, we partner by pushing other NFTs in general.

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Over my crypto career, I think people’s view and scope on the potential of DAOs are extremely limited, but there is SO much potential for us to expand into all realms, even including the gaming community, which are cultists, to say the least. Fraktal partnership is only the beginning; if we integrated other projects in the future, and have a successful fist launch/expansion with Fraktal, the sky is truly the limit!


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