Meta Jungle - leave your comment now

I’m writing this proposal to imagine Yape’s own metaverse project. I hope this thread initiates the discussion.

This is about the journey of Yapes to build a meta-jungle in the newly discovered Yapes’ planet.
The story starts like

Yapes’ discovered a planet that consists of … [please leave your comments]

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Tons of bananas :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:

…full of natural resources with a beautiful landscape.

Yapes know that earth is near destruction. Egoistic leaders are running the governments, and it is at the brink of nuclear war. This will wipe out the species from the planet earth.

Yapes have seen it all. Why not make this planet an abode for all living beings.

We know how currencies are manipulated on earth. So, let’s set the foundation right and start with a digital base currency for this planet…YAPE


Maybe bananas are valued at 1 YAPE and the yapes scavenge for them in the metaverse

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