Launch Yapeswap on other chains

EVM compatible chains such as AVAX, Harmony One, and others look like viable options for the Yapeswap DAO to deploy it’s code and capture some TVL on multiple chains.

At this time, Yapeswap’s developer’s are concentrating on other priorities.

If you are an experienced developer and would like to take on the job of forking Yapeswap onto a new chain, lets talk about it here and formulate a plan to compensate you for your work. Please let us know which chain you’d like to fork the protocol to, why and what you would like to be paid upon successfully launching to a second chain.

The forked version of Yape should follow an identical emissions curve with half of the volume so as not to dillute the original YAPE token too much. The dev team can negotiate to receive a % of the emissions from the new token, a cash payment, or a combination of both for their work. We will send this agreement to snapshot for a DAO vote once a tentative agreement is made with the dev team behind closed doors.