Hiring Proposal: Torgmeister

Hello Yapes,

I want to share the specifics of the hiring proposal for Torgmeister. This proposal is accepted by the hiring committee and ready to be posted on Snapshot and get votes. Before we move onto the next step, we want to hear your voices. Feel free to give any opinion or feedback.

Contract Specifications

  • Position: Senior Ops&Bizdev + CM
  • Duration: 3 months
  • Salary: 27k USD for 3 months (= 108k USD for a year / 40% discounted from 180k USD)


As a Senior Ops&Bizdev

  • Design and execute overall business strategy
  • Design and execute the marketing strategy
  • Partner relationship management
  • Project & Task management
  • Budget management
  • Team management

As a CM

  • Community management(Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and etc.)
  • Community event management

Answers from Torgmeister

1) What do you want to work on in Yapeswap?
I want to be apart of building out Yapeswap into not only the most profitable AMM for LP’s, but also a DAO capable of bringing on new contributors seamlessly and making and executing community driven decisions in a timely manner regardless of how large the community grows.

For me this means:

  • Contribute to creating and executing the strategies that will drive growth for Yapeswap, such as NFT Launches, Token Airdrops, new pools, new features
  • Organaize and launch effective marketing campaigns
  • Form mutually beneficial partnerships with crypto communities of all types on behalf of Yapeswap (DEX aggregators, token listings, even NFT communities).
  • Optimize Yapeswap’s social and communication channels in a way that maximizes valuable community contributions and collaboration.
  • Create direct opportunites for contributors to earn $cYAPE

2) Why do you want to work in Yapeswap?

  • I love crypto and blockchain tech and am very bullsih on it’s potential to impact billions of lives in a postive way. I believe in Yapeswaps vision and have truly enjoyed and found fullfilment in all of the work I have donw for Yapeswap thus far. I would be eternally grateful to work for Yapeswap and to have the opportunity to be apart of building it up to its full potential.

3) Do you have portfolio that can show your potential performance? (e.g github)


Opinion from Apebuilder

As everyone knows well, Torgmeister is one of the contributors working hard since the beginning of the Yapeswap. He helped us organize our community, led the other team members to work well, and managed all necessary tasks so that the core team can work more efficiently. Although now he works in an industry that is not directly related to crypto, there is no doubt that Torgmeister will perform the above roles without difficulty, given his personal experience and his contributions to Yapeswap. In addition, I believe that he will be able to perform that role and improve his ability more than he currently has. Furthermore, I believe that he will be able to lead us in the right direction and help the team get together to continue moving forward. The reason why I propose a higher salary than the usual Senior Ops&Bizdev and CM is that I’m sure that Torgmeister will be able to perform these roles(3 roles!) very well at the same time.

Hiring Committee

  • Apebuilder: Agreed
  • 0xMayflower: Agreed
  • 0xSumna: Agreed
  • CJ8: Agreed
  • Gav: Agreed
  • Titus: Agreed
  • Stewie: Agreed
  • Frank: Agreed

100% support from me! @Torgmeister was the primary @Kong who helped save my cYape and pushed the vote forward to reinstate my position. For that, im very humbled and appreciative!