Hiring Proposal: 0xSumna

Hello Yapes,

I want to share the specifics of the hiring proposal for 0xSumna. This proposal is accepted by the hiring committee and ready to be posted on Snapshot and get votes. Before we move onto the next step, we want to hear your voices. Feel free to give any opinion or feedback.

Contract Specifications

  • Position: Senior Dev
  • Duration: 3 months
  • Salary: 27k USD for 3 months (= 108k USD for a year / 40% discounted from 180k USD)


As a Senior Dev

  • Development for Yapeswap V1, V2
  • Development for Metaverse project including NFTs

Answers from 0xSumna

1) What do you want to work on in Yapeswap?

Really I can fill a variety of roles with Yapeswap. I think you already know how fond of communication I am as well as how available I make myself when active. I can develop things, can work with new frameworks pretty quickly (the NFTs are gimp scripts).


2) Why do you want to work in Yapeswap?

I’m currently working a boring job that is developing old tech and hate it. I want to work with new things and concepts, defi is the most extreme version of that!

3) Do you have portfolio that can show your potential performance?

See resume in 1. As well as current performance in https://github.com/0xSumna/yape-nft. Also have link bootcamp POAP as well as minor solidity experience though that can be vastly improved quickly.

Opinion from Apebuilder

0xSumna is one of the contributors who has been working hard from the beginning. 0xSumna has contributed a lot to projects related to NFT. One of the significant strengths of 0xSumna is that he learns new tools and frameworks or programming languages very quickly. He is not perfect at contract development and solidity now, but I believe he will be improved soon. In addition, in the case of web app development, I think he will be able to perform the front-end development for Yapeswap well in the future. I’m sure that 0xSumna will be one of the most important developers in our team, and this is the key reason why I propose the Senior Dev position.

Hiring Committee(Need equal or more than 3/4 agreements)

  • Apebuilder: Agreed
  • 0xMayflower: Agreed
  • Torgmeister: Agreed
  • CJ8: Agreed
  • Gav: Agreed
  • Titus: Agreed
  • Stewie: Agreed
  • Frank: Agreed

100% support yes from me, I think the expansion of @yapeswap into the NFT space is critical to our DAO growth and 0xsumna is the Yape for the job. Full send!