Funding For Twitter Marketing Campaigns

I propose we use 5k cYAPE to conduct two separate twitter campaigns, each paying a total of 2500 cYAPE to users in rewards/giveways.

The campaigns would take place a week or two apart. One would be a ‘follow, comment and tag 3 people to be eligible’ campaign, and the other would be a meme contest. Both contests would have a grand prize and several smaller prizes as well.


I support funding for a marketing campaign (: can you go into the specifics on the campaigns with pay and ranking structure? I like the meme contest idea a lot. Produce content and increase community engagement sounds great. Maybe put more cYAPE weight on content production than simple like and retweet. Can have ranking winners for meme production then?

Yes, I like the idea of paying more for the content generation. Here’s two drafted tweets for the contest. $1500 total for simple like and retweet campaign and $2500 for the meme contest for a total of 4k $cYAPE, so a little less than I said before.


100 cYAPE for 5 winners
1000 cYAPE for 1 winner

You can swap your cYAPE winnings for USDC instantly or burn it to mine $YAPE tokens - Current APY on burn-mining cYAPE is 1700%

Follow, retweet, and tag 3 people to be eligibile

Ends after 48 hours


Looking for meme’s that fit 2 criteria:

  1. Describes/promotes some part of Yapeswap (AMM model, $cYAPE contributor payments, NFT project, etc)
  2. Humor

First 10 people to submit entries will recieve 100 $cYAPE

Contest winner will recieve 1500 $cYAPE

Winner will be decided by the Crypto Twitter community - The most retweeted meme wins

Contest will last 5 days, tag Yapeswap to be elligible

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Yes I’m in support of this campaign - these are great ideas to get the word out. I’ll do my best to share this across the Twitterverse. Let’s hope it goes viral on CT!

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I support funding this endeavor.

Tweets will be edited to make it more clear that 1 cYAPE = at least 1 USDC. Will adjust the time period for the retweet campaign to be 5 days instead of 2.

Can I get a like, ser? lol :smiley:

Yes ser, Liked!!!

Go go go!!!

Great proposal!