Funding For Single-Sided Liquidity Pairs

Fellow Yapes,

This proposal is to request $2,200 from the DAO treasury to fund the design and coding construction for single-sided liquidity pairs that will eventually replace our current dual-sided pools. In my opinion, this amount of funding is a small price to pay to correct the damage that dual-pools have caused with regards to our TVL and liquidity. The outsourced developer is Define Value and discussions with him are already happening.

In an effort to see this project through from cradle-to-grave, I have created a Yapeswap Dev Chat on Telegram which our core members as well as Define Value to help push this effort to completion. I kindly ask that our core developers provide as much oversight as necessary to ensure what is being built will be functional and applicable to our DAO!

Payment Structure (assuming $2,200):

  1. $700 - Down-payment
  2. $700 - Live preview in private Github
  3. $800 - Final payment when it’s pushed and deployed Live and on our Github

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing the community’s view and support, or lack thereof, of this new venture!



I support the addition of single-sided pools and the costs associated with this change. I approve up to $3k spend should there be any overages.


It seems to be a very fair price and would move the needle for us - I am nearly sold on the idea, would just like to ponder it a bit more and figure out where we are with the rest of our devs.

I’ll confirm my support with a thumbs up sometime tomorrow if thats where I land on it.

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What exactly does design and coding structure mean? Will Define create the solidity logic and also fully integrate it within the current yapeswap interface using typescript?

I’m not a dev so I used the best verbiage I could come up with lol. These questions would best be asked in the Dev Chat on Telegram so that we’re all tracking and can contribute to the particulars!

But integrating the Yearn aspect is a must!

Here’s what I’d like to see offered to Define Value

Define Value Hiring Contract

  • $500 Down Payment

  • $1200 Upon launch and full deployment of the single sided pools - Define Value must create the solidity logic and also fully integrate it within the current yapeswap interface using typescript.

    • YAPE/DAI
  • $500 upon successfully implementing the ‘Yearned’ liquidity strategy in the new pools

  • $200 to migrate the funds from the existing yapeswap pools to the updated single asset vaults

  • $300 to launch the next batch of pools

    • SNX/USDC
    • LINK/ETH
    • AAVE/ETH
    • 1INCH/ETH
  • $200 to implement the limit orders code sourced from gellato on the yapeswap platform

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