Create a Dune Analytics Dashboard

The job in this proposal for a total payout of 3.5k cYAPE.

  1. Create a Dune Analytics Dashboard - 3.5k

Recommended person is { leakingalpha.eth }:

  • Over 4 years of SQL experience with a fortune 500 company.
  • Frequent DeFi user.

Job details below

Build a Yapeswap DEX dashboard for the purpose of measuring our market and for enhancing the user experience. The dashboard will have key metrics such as:

-New/Old users per day/week/month
-Average new user per day
-Transactions per day/week/month
-USD volume per day/week/month
-Token pair statistics
-Fees by pair breakdown 24hr/30 day/all time
-Key stats: YAPE volume, YAPE in circulation, veYAPE locked, fees and Yearn yield revenue distributed to YAPE holders, total swaps, total users.

User experience
-LP fees
-Protocol fees
-Annual yield
-Revenue from yearn vault
-Distribution of YAPE to veYAPE holders weekly/all time
-Top 500 YAPE individual holders
-YAPE supplied
-Percent of YAPE staked for veYAPE


Hey all,

leakingalpha.eth here. Full time defi user hoping to be a contributor as well.

Would be happy to leverage my sql expertise to make this dashboard to the satisfaction of the yape community.

I am also a personal holder and liquidity miner (on a different address), so being able to contribute to the project’s success would be awesome.

I have also had some experience writing technical documentation at my former company so I could do the required documentation updates well.

Looking forward to working with you all


Here’s a quick sample: the first metric StewieZoolights listed, “New/Old users per day”. There is a data issue in that early protocol data is not available yet, and I will chase this down to fix it, but the logic in this metric is good to go for when the data is available.

I lived and breathed sql for 4+ years. I can do this and I can do it well.


Love the initiative and I like that you submitted a sample dashboard to start. I support the creation of a formal proposal.


Happy to have you fam - full send!

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This is dope. Will give full support for you.


Full support for leakingalpha.eth to do this job🙂


Dope! Dune dashboard is always the best way to start.


Proposal is approved!

Official voting on snapshot here:

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I really appreciate the support! I got the data discrepancy issue sorted out and now will get to work

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Quick update

9 of the 10 LP contracts are not yet decoded in dune (only yape-eth is). I submitted a request for these 2 days ago and dune estimates 24-48 hours on this, so it should be anytime now. If these are still unavailable tomorrow, I will escalate in their chats.

Unfortunately, ~1/3 of metrics depend on these contracts, including the transaction / volume per day/week/month metrics that I have already done (will have to redo). There is another data source I used when making those the first time, but it counts a swap from yape to dai, for example, as a single swap, whereas it is truly two swaps (yape to eth, eth to dai) and generates two transaction fees. I am undershooting numbers with the original source I used, so I will rewrite this logic to use the new source (the LP contracts themselves) once available.

Once those contracts are made available in dune, it will be an additional ~1 day of work, including work to make the dashboard more aesthetically presentable, before the dashboard is ready for feedback. This should be fairly soon, so please get ready to review the dashboard and provide feedback!

Apologies for the delays,


We appreciate the updates and your hard work, ser

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Looking great so far man! Keep up the good work :clap:

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The contracts I was waiting on were decoded by dune yesterday.

The dashboard is done and ready for any feedback!: