Approve spending for an initial consultation to hire the Raid Guild

Simply put, the Raid Guild is a web3 consultant’s DAO that can be hired to help build outside projects.

Below is their manifesto from

"We believe that DAOs will power the future of work. Through the MetaCartel network, we assembled a fellowship of the best builders, designers and hustlers in the space in order to make this future a reality. By sharing resources, branding and collaboration tools, we can create positive-sum value for the Ethereum ecosystem in a way that has never been possible before the advent of DAOs.

We believe in Web3 and are here to build it, use it, and propogate it. The profits from our work will be used to fund development of open source tooling and public goods. We will share the learnings from our experiments and open source our processes for the community to learn and build from.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

A consultation requires a deposit of $500 DAI on mainnet. The core contributors would be looking to hire the Raid Guild specifically for assistance in solidity development.

Any spending beyond the initial consult would need to be proposed by the core team and voted on in a separate snapshot.

More information can be found at and


Sounds like a good investment to help guide us. However I would like to see what our full time contributors and new dev’s come up with before hiring.

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This is a good point as we now have myself and Sumna soon to follow working full time for the DAO. I do still think that we will need to continue bringing in developers to keep pushing the envelope for the project.

Another option we can pursue to push development is funding Gitcoin bounties.

Onboarding Flow | Gitcoin

I also think that we could do a better job of incentivizing and rewarding our non-fulltime core contributors. We could create a contributors lottery pool similar to this proposal from the WHF DAO forum linked below, or institute a monthly paycheck for the core contributors team, even if it is small.

[WIP-2] Work Together - WHIPs - Work Hard Finance

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